Lepto Ictero Vaccination Information

In Mackay and surrounding areas Leptosprosis is a prevalent bacterial disease which can be deadly. It is a zoonotic disease which means it can be transmitted from animals to people. It is commonly spread through contact with infected animal urine (e.g. rats) and/or contaminated soil or water. The predominant Leptospirosis strain in Mackay and surrounding areas is Lepto Australis.

Unfortunately, we are still experiencing a shortage of the vaccine that protects dogs against the Lepto Australis strain. The good news is there is a new vaccine under manufacture which claims to protect against Lepto Australis, however, this will not be available until late 2024 – early 2025.

It has been our fear during the vaccine shortage for Lepto Australis, that we would begin to see and increase in lepto cases. Unfortunately, over the last few weeks we have seen this increase and have confirmed these cases as lepto australis.

There have recently been some vaccinations become available for another strain of Lepto, Ictero copenhagani. This vaccine has previously been unavailable for the past 18 months, but we are now being told we will be able to receive some supply.

This vaccine DOES NOT vaccinate against The Lepto AUSTRALIS strain.

There is limited data on whether vaccinating against a different strain will give any cross protection, however, as this is currently the only lepto vaccination available we would like to offer clients on the waitlist the option of receiving this available vaccine. This is in the hope that it offers some degree of protection against Lepto Australis.

Please understand, this vaccine may not help prevent or fight Lepto Australis, however, we would like to offer this to interested clients to possibly help protect your pet in the face of a potential outbreak.  

If you choose to have your dog receive this vaccine, please be aware of the following:

  • Protection against lepto australis is not guaranteed
  • Your dog will ideally receive 2 doses 1 month apart
  • The price for receiving the vaccination with one of our qualified nurses is $40 per injection. We have kept this as low as possible.
  • When the new lepto vaccination that covers our predominant strain, Australis, becomes available we will recommend to transition to it ASAP (this will also require 2 doses and fees will apply)
  • If your dog has not received other vaccinations by our vets in the past 12 months a consultation with the veterinarian will be required prior to receiving the vaccination

If you would like to book in for this vaccination, we would appreciate you booking online due to the high volume of calls we will be receiving. Go to the following link and book a Lepto I Vacc – Nurse appointment.




Otherwise, if you have any further questions or would like to book over the phone call our friendly staff at one of our 3 locations.

Marian 4914 2404

Mackay 4951 3799

Walkerston 4959 2099

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