Our surgery routinely performs both routine and complex surgical procedures.

Our operating theatre has state-of-the art equipment for surgery and anaesthetic monitoring, enabling us to provide the safest care for your pet while undergoing procedures.

Routine Desexing

We strongly recommend desexing all dogs and cats at 5-6 months of age as this can help to prevent behavioural and medical problems throughout your pets life. This also prevents many unwanted litters of puppies and kittens. However, no matter the age it is never too late to desex your pet.

Some common questions associated with desexing:

  • Will this procedure alter my pets personality? No it will not, this is predetermined at birth. However, it can cause behaviour adjustment such as improving aggression, preventing inappropriate urination, prevent wandering among others.
  • Will desexing my pet make them fat? No, the desexing will not cause this. However, once desexed your pets metabolism will decrease which means they do not require as much food. Overfeeding is the most common cause of pets gaining weight after being desexed.
  • Should my female have a season/litter before getting desexed? No this is not necessary. If you DO NOT wish to breed you can desex your female before her first season. This can actually prevent medical issues later in life such as mammary cancer.
  • Is this procedure painful? As with all surgery there is some tenderness following the procedure. To prevent any unwanted discomfort all desexing procedures receive pre and post of pain relief.

Soft tissue Surgery

We perform all types of soft tissue surgery, including but not limited to, caesarean sections, routine desexing, lump removals, wound repairs, skin grafting, and abdominal surgery.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Valley Veterinary Surgery offers a full range of preventative and therapeutic orthopaedic surgical procedures for a wide range of conditions. These include procedures for tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO), canine cruciate disease, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, shoulder lameness, fracture repair, orthopaedic cancer and joint replacement.

While our staff can perform many orthopaedic procedures we may offer to refer your pet to a specialist centre if we feel it is in the best interests of your pet.


With a small animal dental machine we can offer the highest quality dental care for our patients. The complete procedure is done safely under anaesthetic. The machine allows the procedure to be completed quickly and thoroughly, which lowers the anaesthetic time for your pet. As well as preventative teeth cleaning our veterinarians can also perform dental extraction procedures when necessary.

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